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Teen Issues: Teen Sexuality

Teen Sexuality



The classic introduction to one of the most explosive and culture-shaping issues of our time. VITAL!

Product Description
A fantastic introduction to the labyrinth of same-sex attraction full of insights, wisdom, understanding, compassion and hope , ; R3VOLUTION MEDIA

Homosexuality 101: Where Does it Come From, Is Change Possible, How Should Christians Respond? This educational DVD features Dr. Julie Hamilton explaining some of the factors that can contribute to a homosexual orientation, Mike Ensley of Exodus International and Christine Sneeringer of Worthy Creations sharing their personal experiences of leaving homosexuality, and Jack Harren of Family Ties explaining a parents perspective. An introduction is given by Alan Chambers of Exodus International.

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In a time where more and more people think that gender is plastic and people can go choose what they want to be, this PBS documentary casts some fascinating light on the subject.

Product Description
Given the moment, when so many are confused and perplexed about issues relating to sexual and gender identity, a show like this is vital for anyone who wants to get beyond the talking points and clichson both sides of the issue fascinating stuff! ,


Bruce Reimer was born a completely normal boy. But after a freak medical accident destroyed his genitalia, high-profile psychologist and sex researcher John Money persuaded Bruces parents to surgically change him into a girl. Soon, Bruce was Brenda, beginning a headline-grabbing medical, sociological and psychological experiment.

In the years that followed, Money trumpeted Brendas case as an unqualified success. And it was this very success that helped establish a standard of care for all infants born with missing or unformed genitalia. Today, infant boys born with missing or unformed genitals continue to be castrated and surgically changed into girls.

Delve into the mysterious world of gender identity as NOVA offers a stunning look at the subject with the help of noted psychologists and researchers, and through personal insights from the Reimer familyincluding candid, heartrending interviews with Janet Reimer and her son, who ultimately rejected his female identity and is now living as a man.

This program includes material that may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Three illustrated lectures by the worlds foremost authority on sexuality and the Bible. Fascinating!

Product Description
Dr. Gagnon is to the heresy of homosexualism what Athanasius was to Arianism. The latter error denied the very nature of God, the former the nature of man. Gagnons command of scripture and history coupled with his loving pastoral tone makes him our greatest champion in the arena of theology in what I have come to believe is the tipping point in the battle for our culture , /R3volution Media

Three illustrated lectures on one DVD

From Abomination to Gay: Answering queer theology (Old Testament)
The Silence of the Lamb?: But Jesus never said anything about homosexuality (New Testament)
Agreeing With God: A truly Biblical approach to Out and Proud sexuality
Dr. Robert Gagnon serves as the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary as the associate professor of New Testament. He received his bachelors from Dartmouth College, his M.T.S. from Harvard Divinity School, and his doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary. His main fields of interest are Pauline theology and sexual issues in the Bible. He is the author of The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics (Abingdon 2001), co-author (with Dan O. Via) of Homosexuality and the Bible: Two Views (Fortress 2003), and the author of a number of articles in scholarly journals including Journal of Biblical Literature, New Testament Studies, Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Novum Testamentum, Zietschrift fur die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, and Horizons in Biblical Theology. He and his wife Carol have two daughters.

Dr. Gagnon has debated a number of gay-friendly theologians, scholars and apologists and remains open to taking on any qualified contenders. The numbers of those who are willing have fallen precipitously.

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This new 30-minute documentary by The Family Research Council is a riveting, eye-opening and prophetic analysis of what may well be the most critical issue of our time.

Product Description
Please, PLEASE! If you love God, your family and this nation, get this video, digest and own the information packed therein and then begin a campaign to spread the message and this video into as many heart and minds as you can. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the remaining vestiges of our Christian liberties, morality and culture likely depend on it , /R3FORMATION MEDIA

The Problem with Same-Sex Marriage
How It Will Affect You and Your Children

It has been called the most explosive social issue of our time. And a number of Christian leaders believe it may well be the last straw on the back of a nation that is already teetering on the brink because of its long war against God and His righteous standards .

What would have been virtually unthinkable less than a generation ago is now hurtling towards us like a run-away train. Many analysts believe that, short of a miracle, same-sex marriage will be the law of the land in just a few, short years. There are many reasons why this reversal has happened, but none is more significant and thankfully more reversible than the fact that many Christians are confused about the issues and consequences involved.

This film shows in heartbreaking detail what happens to everyday Americans when marriage is redefined. Youll hear first-hand accounts of how same-sex marriage affects your kids, your rights as parents, and your religious liberties. Youll see for yourself the pattern of intolerance and intimidation that the Left uses on anyone who expresses disagreement. And youll learn how to protect yourself so that you can take a stand for marriage in your community.

This riveting, sobering but inspiring 30-minute documentary is a trumpet blast that can help the Church wake up and strengthen what remains and is about to die (Rev. 3:2)

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Four of the classic programs exposing the homosexualist agenda all one DVD.

Product Description
This well-done series sounds a clear and troubling alarmIt created an amazing stir when it was first released and I predict a reprise now that it has come back into distribution , /R3VOLUTION MEDIA
After the sexual revolution of the 60s, the last half of the 20th century saw that revolution settle in and radically transform all manner of American traditions and institutions. Perhaps none was more dramatic than attitudes concerning homosexuality. In a remarkably short period of time the love that (once) did not dare speak its name was being shouted and celebrated from the housetops.
A number of individuals, ministries and grass-roots organizations embarked on campaigns to defend traditional morality and counter these advances. Among the most influential during the mid-nineties was The Report, a series a videos produced by California pastor Ty Beeson and Christian activist Bill Horn. Hundreds of thousands of these tapes were distributed with great effect. The Gay Agenda, one of the four in the series, even made the network news:
The graphic video tape circulating on Capitol Hill, reportedly being distributed by members of the Marine Corps, illustrates the intensity of feeling this issue has generated CBS Evening News
USA Today called it a slick documentary style piece while Movieguide labeled it the most shocking video of the year And, of course, the pro-gay movement did all it could to attack and discredit the series.
Fifteen years later the company that produced The Report has disappeared. Other books and documentaries with more up-to-date and nuanced information defending traditional morality have been produced. But The Report remains one of the first and most significant responses to the gaying of America
Prescient, potent, controversial, replete with material documenting an explosive period of cultural change, and still relevant over fifteen years later, we present four of these now out-of-print and hard-to-find programs here.
· Stonewall: 25 Years of Deception
· The Gay Agenda
· Gay Agenda in Public Schools
· Same-Sex Marriages: The Ultimate Target of the Gay Agenda
WARNING: PG-14. In order to expose the true face of the LGBTBQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) movement, this series contains a number of scenes relating to its public activism as well as examines many of the practices and ideologies championed by homophiles. While care was taken to censor all nudity and avoid the most graphic manifestations of their agenda and lifestyle, these scenes remain visually and thematically troubling. Please exercise discernment as to who is allowed to watch this series.

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Shocking speech of Fr. John O'Connor

(2 Hrs Long)

Most complete report on Anti-Christ ever made. Shocking speech of Fr. John O'Connor. Fr. O'Connor shows how we will be able to recognize the Anti-Christ through Bible and Current Events, that he is alive and prepared to enter world seen, about infiltration of Catholic Church, about the New World Order, end of US independence, One World Socialist Atheist Government, Wars, Paper Money, Homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church, Our near Future, How to prepare our self for persecution and more ... Must see. Best Seller.

(DVD 2hrs) ...........$ 20.00
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